Rechargeable Diamond Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine for Facial and Blackheads Removing (Purple)

Item No. O-RSRT-13986B
$ 40.44 - $ 42.19

Rechargeable Diamond Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine for Facial and Blackheads Removing

  • Item: Diamond Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine

  • Size: 35*50*200MM

  • Main unit weight: 190G

  • Color: Grey,Pink,Purple and Blue

  • Gear setting: Low/High

  • Charging voltage: 12V-500mA

  • Maximum suction: 5.3KPa (High Level)

  • Maximum noise: 60DB (High Level)

  • One time charging can be used for more than 120mins

  • Feature: Waterproof,cordless and rechargeable;

  • Perfectly for Pore cleaning,facial cleaning and blackhead cleaning;

  • Exfoliation brush: make exfoliating treatment, following with pore cleansing;

  • Face suction cup: remove blackheads and whiteheads;

  • Easy to operate: powerful suction without squeezing, pulling or injuring your skin;

  • Ergonomic design suction cup removes black heads. No more skin squeezing;

  • OEM Service is welcomed.

Using Method

1) For the face:

  • Please remove make-up by hand. Choose between the diamond heads(fine,coarse or precision) and attach to the handheldunit;
  • Push the ON button /Low suction to begin treatment;
  • To choose High suction ON button second time.Hold the skin tight with one hand and gently glide the diamond head away in the opposite direction;
  • Keep the diamond head flush with the surface of the Skin to ensure proper suction;
  • Limit the number of strokes over the same part of the skin to 2-3 passes until your skin becomes used to the treatment;
  • DO NOT hold the diamond tip in one spot while suction is on;
  • It can be used while in the shower(Diamond Head must remove) to remove black heads;
  • To remove black heads detach the diamond head attachment;

2)For the body:

  • Attach the diamond(body) head to the handheld unit;
  • Push the ON button to begin treatment.

Package content

  • 1 * Crystal Microdermabrasion Machine
  • 1 * Wireless charging base
  • 1 * Power adapter
  • 1 * Travel pouch
  • 4 * Face diamond replacement heads (#100,#150,#200)
  • 1 * User Manual