CE ROHS FDA Approved Mini Professional Tool Vacuum Blackhead Remover

Item No. O-BR-16851
$ 5.82 - $ 5.91

CE ROHS FDA Approved Mini Professional Tool Vacuum Blackhead Remover



  • Item:FDA Blackhead remover;
  • Material: ABS + PP;
  • Certificate: CE ROHS FDA;
  • Input power:≀4W;
  • Input voltage: 5V;
  • Input current: <1A;
  • Product weight: 153g;
  • Product size: 80 * 55 * 40mm;
  • Packing size: 20.5 * 12.5 * 5cm;
  • Battery capacity: 550mAh;
  • Suction: 53 kpa.


  • Strong suction: Professional blackhead remover vacuum,use latest generation of blackhead extractors technique which have stronger suction to clean skin more deeply;
  • Special treatment for nose stubborn black and white head, remove dead skin, oil and makeup residue, smooth wrinkles, firm skin etc.;
  • USB rechargeable blackhead remover tool has 3 gears for choosing, you can adjust according your skin need.

4 Replaceable Heads

  • Small size: Remove blackhead, weak suction, suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Big size: Stronger suction, suitable for stubborn black head;
  • Oval Probe: Reduce wrinkle in the corners of the eyes, making the skin smooth and tight;
  • Microcrystalline probe: Reduce dead skin and keratin.

How to use it well

  • Step 1:Steam face with hot water for 3 minutes to open your pores up before using vacuum blackhead remover;
  • Step 2:Apply some derived liquid or cream to your blackheads;
  • Step 3:Select suitable probe and press the button to start with the lowest setting(Note:Do not stay the head on one particular spot for 5s);
  • Step 4:After using balckhead remover cleaning your face, use ice towel or cold water on your face to shrink the pores.